A Still Void


modular installation, letterpress, plexiglass

A Still Void is a modular installation consisting of 100 individual letterpress prints, deliberately ran to "mirror-print" on themselves through aggravating the automatic feed of a Universal No. 1 Vandercook Proof Press. The prints can be organized to fit within the confines of various spaces, clustered in units of 1, 5, and 10. This adaptability of the text is reflective of the visual restructuring a digital text incurs as it moves from screen to screen. 

Originally referred to as on press poetics this work responds to my body in a state of isolation, the new role digital communication media took while confronting this state, and the experience of all communication media falling short. It is a physical representation of the digital entrails: of relation(ships), words (written and spoken) over a body of water at nightfall, messages sent out like scattered protons and electrons never to coalesce and return. My body, like these texts, felt trapped, isolated, continually outputting into a still void. 

The text was generated within a strict rubric, under a tight production timeline in an attempt to make a process of production that is notoriously time + labor intensive, one of a rapid call and response, in order to materialize the digital, also echoed in the presence of 1 + 0 as replacements for various vowels and consonants in the limited words used: DELETE/SILENCE/DELETE/SILENCE/VOID/VALUE.

The text "A STILL VOID" marks the end of production, when I had exhausted the rubric, and materials available. 

Information on installation may be found here.