All I See Are Lines

H.R. Buechler and Erica Hess 


217"x24" ikat weaving, artists' book with accompanying cassette containing sonic score

AISAL   is an interdisciplinary collaboration between H. R. Buechler and Erica Hess which explores the materiality of systems of transmission—language/code/textile—and the ineffectualness of these systems when subjected to repeated, reconfigured translations/transmissions, both corporeal and digital in nature. Text, the visual representation of an oral language > is translated to morse, a sonic reconfiguration of the textual and oral > is translated into W+W (a "typeface" designed in response to re-visualize the sonic occurrence of morse, consisting of a pattern of thick and thin lines) > is translated to ikat, a process of resist dyeing the warp or weft fibers in preparation for weaving the materials to produce a desired outcome > a woven textile consisting of a cotton/linen warp and a monofilament weft. The resultant textile is a material translation, a meta-transmission, which contains and is the result of transmissions three times removed from their oral origins. Over the course of the final 217” x 24” weaving the ikat system begins to break down, rendering the lines jagged and illegible, a result of natural corporeal error. 

What do we lose in translation? What is language, ultimately, reduced to? What is lost in each abstraction, reduction, transmission of the original form? Is this loss of material, meaning, weight, content, and context that occurs through each systematized translation not dissimilar to the fragmentary loss of seemingly minute data in the continued reproduction of our everyday lives? With all I see are lines, Buechler and Hess test the boundaries of their materials to expose a contemporary life continually abstracted through repeated digitization.

The title is a nod to the often experimental poet, Hannah Weiner.

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