Session 1 / Are We Electric?


digital video, durational performance with digital text output

This is the first in a series of durational performances, wherein the performer ostensibly performs the intellectual process of translation/distillation—the body as conduit—seeking to understand any quantifiable reasoning behind linguistic action, exposing translational error, while trying to connect seemingly disparate ideas surrounding our understanding and experience of communication and its relationship to and as various forms. Occurring in silence, Session 1 focuses on the manifestation of thought pre-utterance as a haptic phenomenon existing in isolation. It attempts to quantify this experience, while also exploring the failures of its translation into a visual form, that itself is malleable.

Electricity and wave/forms + their relationship to the body are uniquely situated within the entire W+W process.

Each iteration of the W+W Sessions will build on the last, adding to an ever growing archive of textual/sonic/visual material, exploring the movement of thought, the malleability of the forms that attempt to contain it, while also exposing their ultimate inefficacies as means by which to capture that which cannot be captured. 

Images of resultant text generated from the first session, as well as a write-up of the text, follow below.

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