"WW Sessions / Are We Electric?" is the most recent development in the currently developing body of work, WW (Wires + Waves).

SESSION 1   is the first in a series of durational performances, wherein the performer ostensibly performs the intellectual process of translation/distillation—the body as conduit—seeking to understand any quantifiable reasoning behind linguistic actions, trying to connect seemingly disparate ideas in order to arrive at a new way of understanding communication, its relationship to form, existence, and the human experience—ultimately absence and cognitive loss. (?) While the initial run of WW Sessions involved no contact mics, and no intermittent violet ray, subsequent performances will involve sonically documenting the actions of the performers’ body with contact mics placed on the chest + throat, in addition to the blackboard in an effort to capture/harness that which cannot be easily captured/harnessed.

With electricity and wave/forms + their relationship to the body, being uniquely situated within the entire W+W process, the performer will be subjected to electric shocks/stimulations via a violet ray—handled by an assistant provided with specific instructions as to when that shock should be administered. This ties directly back to earlier research with electricity and communication, particularly Johan Wilhelm Ritter, and the sonic works of Henri Chopin. Each iterations of WW Sessions seeks to build on the last, adding to an ever growing archive of textual/sonic/visual material.

Images of resultant text generated from the first session, as well as a write-up of the text, follow below.

The audio documentation of the performance will be compiled into an accompanying score, paired with a book of "poetics" utilizing W+W, a typeface designed for reading a sonic (felt) experience. 

More information can be found at : http://hrbuechler.tumblr.com/post/159581225733/hrbuechler-shot-post-ww-session-1-and-details